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If There is No Discipline and Desire - There is No Manifesting!

Discipline and Desire - without it there is no manifesting! The Law of Attraction does one thing. It manifests the desires of the one who activates it. Now of course it is always activated, and it is done so by our thoughts. 

What the Law manifests though may not be the things we desire. Unless of course we desire poverty, illness, loneliness etc - not likely - but If you are always thinking about poverty, then poverty is what you're going to get!. 

If we have been thinking a certain way for any length of time (this may have been for our entire lives), our thoughts and beliefs are rooted into our subconscious mind. To re-train our thinking we have to make a paradigm shift. That is a changing of thought habits - the changing from a set of bad thought habits to a set of new ones - this takes practice.

Learning a new task requires training your body to perform...

 your thoughts desires -  this takes discipline. Not only is discipline necessary,  but it's also needed when maintaining our new changes as our old thought habits will tend to re-surface from time to time. If we are still in...

...our old environments or If our associates remain the same, we will be receiving the same information that we have been getting all of our lives. This is usually how it started in the first place, or as Dr. Wayne Dyer calls it-  tribal thinking.  remember the old saying: Birds of a feather flock together? It's time to break away from the flock!

Our environment also plays a part. If we were raised in a poor environment where we were taught not to expect anymore than what we have been getting, we are going to continue to get the same thoughts pushed at us again. It will take some serious discipline to stay clear of this thinking. 

When I did my paradigm shift I begin focusing on manifesting those whose thinking was similar to mine and if you need to change your enviroment (you can do this in your mind).  But you can see how discipline and desire go hand in hand.You cannot manifest desire without discipline -


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