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Overcome Your Fear of Failure

Fear of Failure accompanies a defeatist attitude (an acceptance of defeat without struggle).

Is this you? Is this what is stopping you from making progress in your life? Is this stopping you from effectively manifesting your desires?  If you are thinking that you are going to fail when you are attempting success, you are right, you will fail!

"Whether you think you can or you think you cant, you are right!" (I read that somewhere but I can't remember where right now). The fear of failure is a mindset.Though you may not realize it, the thought of failure is in your subconscious mind, always there to remind you that you cannot succeed.

 What you think - is what you bring about! 

This is especially true  if you are carrying strong emotions with these thoughts. Failure thoughts subtly enter your mind by attaching themselves to  success thoughts. When you start thinking about being successful,  automatically failure thoughts like - " Why...

...even start?" or "Why should anything I start now turn out to be any different than anything else that I have tried?" These began to crowd out the success thoughts and either you do nothing or you sabotage your attempt. These fear of failure thoughts usually have been with us for...

...some time - are embedded into our subconscious minds and have become habit thinking. Deciding to become successful should accompany the fully positive mindset that you are going to succeed. Full mindset meaning that we are not just saying that we are going to be successful, but firmly believing that we will be! 

To give yourself a strong start, I would suggest some deeper...

...studying on the "Law of Attraction." Upon fully understanding this powerful force and how it has been provided for our use, your doubts will begin to greatly diminish - especially when realizing the even Greater Power behind it!

The All Creative Mind used this great force to manifest the Universe! 

We have inherited  the ability to use this force. That's reason enough to have faith and assurance not only in God, but in ourselves! 

Even though the fear of failure may be deeply embedded in our subconscious minds and may have been there for years - it can be overcome, it takes time and training to learn how to focus our thoughts on success, while eliminating "fear of failure."  I always...

...recommend doing three things when deciding to use the "Law of Attraction."

  1.  Read the publication "Science of Mind", by Ernest Holmes (it's pretty deep, I recommend reading it twice!). 

  2. Do a Paradigm Shift!  The changing of a collection of bad thought habits to a collection of positive ones. Bob Proctor, one of the stars in the hit movie "The Secret" has a series of videos called "The  Paradigm Shift." These...

...videos helped me tremendously in getting and keeping my thought habits focused in the right direction. They teach you step by step, how to change your thought habits. 

3. Of course continue to follow my Blog Posts. You will discover much information on ways to effectively use the "Law". So if you haven't subscribed to my posts as of yet - go to the orange button above and subscribe. Stick to this routine and be assured that you

will overcome your fear of failure.

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