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GiraffeNeckSoup by Claude La Vertu

by JM

GireffeNeckSoup by Claude La Vertu

GireffeNeckSoup by Claude La Vertu

Intended to unite and advance all of humanity, GiraffeNeckSoup (written by Claude La Vertu) is far more than just another book about the law of attraction.

With diverse topics spilling deeply into the important things in life such as family, children, marriage and relationships, it also tackles more challenging subjects such as politics, religion and world peace.

It also covers many new, exciting, innovative wealth-attraction principles, but its the chapter dedicated to the abortion issue alone that makes the book worthy of a Nobel prize, both for peace and for science, because the author exposes that the solution, as with the solution to everything that plagues us, has always been staring us right in the face!

The "affirmative" logic and compassion with which this book was written is seemingly from another dimension, yet it's so clear that anybody can understand it, even a pre-teen.

At first I thought the book was just about the law of attraction, but it was so beyond that (if you liked The Secret, this one will blow you away).

I've read just about every book there is on the law of attraction, and they all say the same things, but they don't really differentiate the various other laws governing our lives.

The new information in this book about the law of attraction, the mind and wealth attraction is so informative that it really places you at peace, and it doesn't just make you feel better, it actually makes you better.

I found the book at LuLu.com and decided to give it a try, but I can't seem to find it in stores. Also by Claude La Vertu, "LoveDare" (a novel).

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