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How to Meditate

Knowing how to meditate

can be beneficial in numerous ways. Of course it's relaxing and can rejuvenate the body, but it also leaves one feeling peaceful and happy. What I personally like about it is that it puts me in touch with my source, The All Creative Mind.  This helps to stay in...

...the now and not be focused on future or past events which at times may lead to anxiety and depression for some. Especially is it the perfect way to keep your vibrational level high to attract the "Law.". There are several different kinds, so there is a choice to make when deciding to use meditation. 

 Zen, Buddhist, Kabbalah and...

...Transcendental Meditation (my particular choice), are just a few. They all have their different rituals, so if you are interested in learning I would suggest  looking into several styles and find out which is comfortable for you. Click Hear for more info.  For the most part I meditate in silence, this allows you to be more in connection which your source.  At times...

...when I am in a creative mood, I meditate to music. If you would like to really get your creative juices flowing I would suggest using a good meditation music source like Holothink, they take you there quickly and efficiently. There's a free download here if you would like to check them out.

 When you learn how to use meditation on a daily basis - you will find it increasingly easier to control your thoughts. Which is needed when you are practicing the

"Law of Attraction".

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