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Your Favorite Law of Attraction Book?

Which Law of Attraction Book inspired you!

Which one caused your awakening? If I was a newbie on this subject, and I asked you right now; "what should I read to get me off to the best start possible", what would you suggest? Share with me and with others your.favorite publication.

  Raising your vibrational level is my gift to you! 

The Universe “hears/feels” the vibrations we are emitting, and then matches it by returning to us similar experiences to produce more of the same feeling and vibration, SO - - the higher your level of vibration -  the quicker you attract the Law -  and the sooner you begin to manifest your desires.  I would like you to have...

...a  FREE E-book which shows you exactly how to accomplish this. You can download this E-book after you take a moment to share your favorite publication below. 

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Share with us your Favorite attraction book and Author!

What Other Visitors Have Said

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GiraffeNeckSoup by Claude La Vertu 
Intended to unite and advance all of humanity, GiraffeNeckSoup (written by Claude La Vertu) is far more than just another book about the law of attraction. …

The Vortex 
This book brings everything into focus. It's the ah-ha book of all books.

Think and Grow Rich 
This book will help you use the power of your mind.

A New Earth 
This publication brought out the importance of living in the now. I now have the ability to enjoy and appreciate every moment. There's no need to label …

Improve Interpersonal Relationships Not rated yet
How can you improve interpersonal relationships? Building healthy relationships is a key healthy lifestyle factor.

The Secret Not rated yet
Create a Vision Board for Law of Attraction and Manifestation. How to create a vision board in 6 simple steps and, more importantly, how dream boards …

Science of Mind Not rated yet
I love this publication! i have read many books on the Law of Attraction and this is the first book that has allowed me to be awakened to the truth. This …

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