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Law of Success IS The Law of Attraction!

The Law of Success in actuality is the Law of Attraction. This is mentioned repeatedly in the book the 16 Laws of Success.

 Think about it! After all the goal setting and the positive thinking, etc., nothing else happens until intention goes into action. There may be some who think that they are successful  because of there own actions and...

...goal setting and while that may be true to some extent, still it is the Law of Attraction that is bringing them what they want. The reason being is that they display a definite attitude or desire of wanting along with intense desire and emotion. Successful people who...

...say that there is no such power should consider the Law of gravity or Law of electricity. Just because they don't personnaly understand or recognize it, doesn't mean it does not exist. Every day more and more scientists are beginning to recognize that there is this force of intention.  Everyday more and more people are experiencing...

,,,it. Are you a skeptic or maybe just not sure of the realness of this Law? I encourage you to investigate further on this site and before  you leave here your confidence toward this powerful force will be heightened. Began by going to

using the law.

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