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How to Live a Fulfilled Life by Living the Law of Attraction!

Living the Law of Attraction can easily be attained. Imagine every desire being fulfilled. When first starting out on your manifesting journey, you were excited about the thought of manifesting your first desire. How thrilled you were when it came to reality.

Your focus was probably just on manifesting. Living the Law of Attraction was probably not even on your mind. But by living it you will manifest naturally. 

This was the original intention of our Creator that is -living the Law of Attraction should be a natural part of our life. Our Creator is one of abundance, he wants us to have whatever it is that we desire. The way that we manifest these desires is by using this great force,  which by the way...

...He used to create this world that we are a part of. We are all connected to this Source through our mind, and it is this same mind that allows us to activate this Law of Attraction.

So living the Law should be natural for us. Unfortunately because of our not being advised of this fact or have been taught contradictorily, we have  been disconnected from our source in this regard. 

It's time to reconnect! 

We reconnect by not just by learning about it - but more importantly by learning about our Creator. One book that I strongly encourage is "Science of Mind" by Ernest Holmes. 

He gives a thorough explanation of this connection. So if you want to really know more - go deeply into this subject - focus not only on manifesting but knowing who you really are and what you are capable of. 

Learn how to live it!

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