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Making Good Decisions

Making good decisions is important when using the "Law of Attraction."

We need recognize that the law is manifesting, We want to make sure that we don't make the decision of jumping ahead before manifesting is complete.  If we do, we may find ourselves in a precarious situation.

I am Guilty!!!

I'll  be the first to admit that I have done exactly that.  I was in the act of manifesting a bedroom suite that I disparately wanted.  Instead of me waiting for it to manifest, I jumped in and bought the set and ended up putting myself in financial straights for a while. About a month later...

...enough money came along that was more than enough to have purchased the set  If I had just waited I would not have put that burden upon myself. Bad Decision making on my part. When we find ourselves in certain situations that we don't want to...

...be in and desperately trying to manifest ourselves out of it, we need to wait patiently and let the Law do it's thing. When we do it this it will always turn out in our best interest. Of course at times we do have to take steps into the direction that we wish to go, but we do have to make good decision and be careful not to jump the gun.

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