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Manifest a Desire Using the Law of Attraction

To Manifest a desire using the Law of Attraction

you must first believe that it can be done - there can be no doubts. Many believe that it is possible - but sometimes doubts creep in. Doubts attract more doubts, and this lowers the vibrational level which negatively activates the law.

Of course other things can cause manifesting a desire a slow process. Are there other thoughts that enter the mind when trying to attract your desires? Let's suppose that you are trying to manifest money.

 Do thoughts of the lack of money enter your mind? Just as our thoughts to have more money can activate the law, so can the lack of money. To manifest any desire there are certain things that you can do to avoid this happening and assure your success.

I suggest the following:

  • Make a paradigm shift. A paradigm shift is the changing of a set of bad thought habits into a set of good ones.  This of course takes practice. Good thinking needs to be a habit - it's well worth the effort.

  • Meditation is also a very necessary step. It helps you focus on the desires that you want to manifest while dismissing the unwanted thoughts. It also raises your vibration levels so that the Law of Attraction can feel them and do it's work. High level vibrations eliminate low ones.
  • Meridian Tapping. Meridian tapping helps with a lot of issues. It not only involves healing the body and mind. But what I really appreciate about it is that it raises the vibrational levels to a high peak. Download a free Meridian Tapping pdf manual here.

There are many other methods that can be used to effectively manifest a desire, but these are the few that have worked for me over the years - especially is this true of the paradigm shift.  It is a must to change your thought habits. 

I have available some free videos that were put together by Bob Proctor, the star of the hit movie "The Secret". He takes you step by step through this thought changing process If you would like this FREE 7 video series, just fill in the form below.

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