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This Manifest Money Technique  Guarantees Success!

Wanting to Manifest money,

I would say is the number one reason why most people want to learn about the
Law of Attraction. But, that’s just my opinion - Not being able to manifest money - I would say is the number one reason why most people give up on the "Law of Attraction." 

I wrote this in two parts because I have much information to share on how to manifest money, information that will be critical to your ability to manifest. I am going to show you in the next several minutes how to manifest money easier that you have ever imagined. And it just…

…makes so much sense! There are two sources that I am going to mention and they both agree on what it takes to manifest money. The thing that’s really amazing is that these two writings are separated by almost a hundred years! They are:

1.  A report written by Dr. Robert Anthony, entitled 'Make Your Mind a Money Magnet' and…

2.  Wallace D. Wattles, "The Science of Getting Rich”,   written about one hundred years ago. ( both of these sources can be downloaded free.)

The point  made is that you can’t just sit around envisioning money and then think that it will just drop into your lap!  Some action must be involved. Dr. Anthony  brought out in his report that...

...money will flow to those who can solve people’s problems. He say’s that "having people throw money at you – is to have the ability to identify a pressing problem that people have – and then you become the solution."

Wallace Wattles mentioned in his book that your thoughts are what bring money to you. But your actions are what turns them into  reality.

 If people have a problem that they desperately need help solving – they will seek you out. Ask yourself - what solution can I offer to people who have a specific problem? If you can offer a solution to that problem, you will make money (this includes solving problems on your job).

Other Peoples Problems! 

In my quest to manifest money, I started thinking about what it was that I could do that could help to solve other people's problems. After tossing several old professions around in my head, I remembered that I use to do income tax returns, and the... 

...tax season was coming up. People get real thirsty when it comes time for them to get their money. They want it now! I decided that was the place to start.and the money began to come in.  This was something that I really didn't want to do but  I made more money  than I had ever made when doing taxes previously.

I'm a Diabetic and...

...as i was searching the Internet as I always do looking for infformation to help me to control my sugars. This is a very sensitive subject to me as I have been a Diabetic for almost 25 years, For most of these years My sugars have been out of control (bad eating habits). I came across something that...

...has actually helped me to reverse my condition. That's when it hit me. Suppose I could share this with others who were Diabetics. I could help others who suffered from this disease and wanted to do something about it.

I found my purpose/passion and started a "Reverse Diabetes Movement" and the results have been outstanding. I was totally convinced that this was an opportunity for me to help solve a very serious problem - the rapid growth of Diabetes!

My goal was to spread this message to as many as possible - attracting like minded individuals to share in this worthy endeavor.  As I did so, manifesting money followed naturally.

So the real secret to begin to manifest money is…

 …to figure out what it is that you know how to do or want to do - that will serve people and more importantly - to help them solve their problems.

One more thing that I would like to mention is do not underestimate the power of the giving to others. You will be surprised how much you get back when you are giving to those who are in need. Trying to hold on to what you attract will definetly slow your manifesting to a crawl.

A part of receiving is giving back!