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Paradigm Shift Videos

A Paradigm Shift is of the utmost importance if

you want to fully manifest your desires. It's a collection of thought habits, good or bad. This

... that to effectively activate and manifest desires when using the "Law of Attraction" THERE MUST be a change from negative thought habits to  positive ones.  Remember the Law is working either way,

So if our thought habits are leaning toward the negative, we are going to...

... manifest negative or unwanted experiences, Since we may have had these negitive thought habits for most of our lives, this process may not be easy. To assist, I have made...

...available Bob Proctor's 7 video series on this subject. Bob Proctor is the one of the stars in the hit movie "The Secret,"  If you are desiring to fully manifest. I strongly encourage you to consider the paradigm shift. 

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