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Using Positive Thoughts to Manifest Your Desires!

Positive thoughts are a must when you are trying to manifesting good experiences in your life. As you may or may not know, the "Law of Attraction" is always in the act of manifesting and it is manifesting whatever you are focusing your thoughts and emotions on.

 Negative thoughts and emotions = negative experiences!

Positive thoughts = positive experiences. So what is it that you want? Money? Then think positively in terms of abundance, not lack. Do you desire better relationships?  Think about the relationships that you desire, not  ones you don't want. One thing that you will see as you...

...visit throughout the pages of this site is the suggestion of making a  Paradigm Shift.  A Paradigm is a set of thought habits. These thought habits have been embedded through out our lives - into our subconscious minds. Our parents, teachers, upbringing, life experiences, etc.... 

 ...determine our feelings towards...

 our race, religion, education, riches, happiness and so on. Unfortunately, we have been carrying around our embedded thought habits for so long that its not easy to change our thinking, or make the shift (The Paradigm Shift). I would like to pass on to you what helped me to make this Paradigm Shift. In the hit Movie "The Secret," there was,,, 

... Bob Proctor. He created a video series entitled "The Paradigm Shift." In this series he takes you through seven videos - step by step, teaching you how to make this Paradigm Shift, a change from negative thought habits to good ones. I would seriously encourage you to take advantage of this video  series.

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