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 Power of the Mind - Unrealized  Power!

The power of the mind

believe it or not is misunderstood by most. The mind is just a place where the thoughts and memories are stored, some think. But  it's much more than that! The mind is the creative source which  manifests our life experiences. We have excess to the Creator through our minds. As a matter of fact we are all...

...connected as one, by means of the All Creative Mind. Being a part of this connection we have been allowed to use the very powerful force called the "Law of Attraction", which manifests our desires through our thoughts and feelings. Using the power of the mind we can truly live our experiences. We  have to recognize the need to use this source accurately. It's important that we do,  because  the "Law" is at...

...work -  good or bad - creating our experiences. We need to learn how to use this mind power to direct the "Law of Attraction" for our benefit, instread creating negative cercumstances. The first thing that I would suggest is a Paradigm Shift. The changing from bad or negative thought habits to right  thought habits, ones that will help turn the...

..."Law of Attraction" toward the manifesting of your desires. To help you with your Paradigm Shift, Bob Proctor, one of the stars in the Hit movie The Secret", has a seven video series that's entitled "The Paradigm Shift". If you would like to get off to a great start in getting control of the power of the mind I would strongly encourage you to start practicing a 

Paradigm Shift.

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