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What's the Difference Between Setting Intentions and Setting Goals?

What's The difference between setting intentions and setting goals? First of all let's understand that people familiar with the term setting Intentions are usually people who practice the Law of attraction.

They do so with the understanding that the Law of Attraction is going to ultimately manifest them. People who set goals usually are those who plan to bring these goals about by their own actions.

While their is some action involved with setting intentions, most of the doing is going to be by the Law of Attraction. When this is done their is an allowing that is taking place - a disconnection from the outcome.

Those who set goals will do almost whatever it takes to reach them. This is not to say that those who practice the Law do not set goals - they do (i don't), but they should realize that their actions should never represent struggle.

What's wrong in struggling for what you want? Struggle means resistance - resistance means low vibrations - low vibrations means bad attraction - you receive more of what you are feeling!. Another thing to be noted is setting time goals can sometimes lead to frustration when these goals are not...

...met in the time limit that was set. Again a low vibration emotion. When practicing the Law of Attraction, time goals are out of the question. It's like you are putting a time limit on God's perfect Law. The Law of Attraction always manifest at the the perfect time. And the delivery is always perfect too.

When setting intentions the allowing and disconnecting from the outcome prevents these emotions. Simply because of having confidence that the Law is going to do it's job of manifesting. So either way  - learn, understand, and use the Law of Attraction.

Goals are thoughts about what you would like to have, and the Law is going to manifest those thouhts if you are consistent. So make it easy on yourself, Let the Law do it's thing - it will be a lot less hassle on you if you do.

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