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Are You Making Your Manifesting Difficult by Not Living the Law of Allowing!   

If you are not living the Law of allowing - You are just spinning your wheels when it comes to manifesting your desires. Now I am going to tell you right up front that the Law of Allowing involves practice and I'll tell you why. We are living in a world of instant gratification and we as humans have adapted this attitude. The I want it now attitude. 

Sorry - it doesn't work that way when...

 ...we are using the Law of Attraction to manifest our life desires. When we focus our thoughts and emotions on manifesting certain desires, the Law of Attraction goes to work. 

Now if you continue your right thinking and emotions toward your desires they will be manifested, but not according to our time table - keep in mind- when the Law delivers, it's always at the right time and under the perfect circumstances. But when we stall this process by our being in a hurry or the I want it now thinking, This creates urgency and resistance which in turn slows down or stops the manifesting process. 

When we are manifesting we have to practice this Law of Allowing. Allowing the process necessary to take place. I understand that what we desire is something that we may feel that we need right now! But that emotion is not going to help us at this point. Instead it's a hindrance. 

One good way to start practicing the Law of Allowing process is to...

...consider our Creator. First of all we as human beings are all connected to this one source - the one mind and our ability to use the Law as a tool is guaranteed. Once we truly understand and believe this, we then know without a doubt that we can manifest

Now consider this: when the creator begin manifesting our world, do you think that he was in a big rush to do it? The scriptures say that all things he created was perfect, so evidently not. Have you ever been in a hurry to accomplish something  or make decisions quicky? More than likely it didn't turn out  well. 

Now just to share a little knowledge (for those who may not know) in the Bible book of Genesis it brings out that God created the earth in six days. But let's go a little deeper - at 2nd Peter 3:8: it brings out that a day to God is as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day (New World translation). So we're talking six-thousand years - not six literal days.

Are you getting the point -  can we imitate this kind of patience? Can We Practice the Law of Allowing?

This is what it takes to be able to Manifest effectively. Of course we're not like God, but this shows that we must have faith, patience, and we must learn to allow the manifesting process to take place in manifesting what we want.

When we do this everything manifested by the Law will be perfect as to our desires.  I encourage you to read the book by Esther and Jerry hicks: The Astonishing Power of Emotions: Let Your Feelings Be Your Guide, Chapter Nine. They go into deeper detail as to this

Law of Allowing.

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