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The Power of Intention Activates the Law of Attraction!

Information on"The Power of Intention" publication by Wayne Dyer can be found by clicking here.

On this page we will be talking about this activating force.  It is indeed powerful! We know that thoughts activate the Law of Attraction, but intending is a horse of a different color. I'ts one thing to focus our thinking on manifesting our desires, but it's different when...

... intending. By doing so you are actually - by thought and emotion forcefully activating the law. Expecting it to - without a doubt - deliver to you what you want.  Instead of  just thinking about manifesting your desires, Intend them! "I INTEND TO" - or - "My INTENTION IS TO" and then state what it is that you...

...want to manifest. From that point, visualize your desires as something  already happening or if it has already taken place. This way you will be more affective in using this great force.

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