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The Science of Getting Rich - the Law of Attractions Finest!

The Science of Getting Rich! If you are here to learn about how to get rich, check out my page on manifesting money. This page is about the publication. This book by the way is as of 2010, 100 years old. When you read the simple...

...down to earth language Wallace D. Wattles used in writing this publication, it is amazing how up to date the information is when comparing it to "The Law of Attraction" in our day. Down to this day this book  is still inspiring people. And speaking of inspiration; this book is what inspired Rhonda Byrne's bestselling book and film...

..."The Secret" (2006 film). His information that he described in his book was labaled a "The Certain Way", meaning the certain way of thinking, that is thinking with a positive state of mind. Yes, this is a must read, If you don't have this book in your "Law of Attraction" library,  you are truly missing out on a treat.This book is available as a

Free download.

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