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The Secret Law of Attraction is Not a Secret Anymore!

The Secret Law of Attraction was once upon a time a true statement. It was said that when some discovered this powerful force it was kept under wraps  by those who wanted to use it for themselves.

Now the world knows about it, and  is no longer a secret. The Creator was the first in using this law, by it's use he created the world as we know it and it was his intentions for man to have it. This was his purpose - it was to be used by humans in a responsible way. Not for selfish reasons.  

What is more important is now it is drawing attention to the...

...Creator. More and more people are looking deeper and deeper into the power behind the secret law of attraction. It's time to recognize the fact that we're entering into a major shift in our culture and to survive this shift we are going to need to take advantage of and apply the knowledge that is being offered.

While this law can attract to us many things - many put their focus on money and success before peace, love, joy, etc. While money and success is OK   these are not necessarily the things...

...that give us true and complete happiness. Be glad that you have knowledge of this Law, Be glad that you have the ability to learn the techniques of manifesting, but go deeper and you will learn the truth - the Power that's behind it.

The secret is out!

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