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Understanding Thought Vibrations - Another Key in Effectively Using the Law of Attraction.

Using the correct thought vibrations will elevate your attraction potential. Everything emits vibrations. Yes, even our thoughts. Every time we think we send out vibrations, this has been scientifically documented.

It is estimated that when we think, we set into motion a very high degree of vibrations - an estimate of
40,000 to 400,000,000,000,000 vibrations per second. These vibrations attract to us things, circumstances, people and even the thoughts of others - but what's important here is...

...like attracts like. This is why it is so important to have our thoughts under control. Yes even though you may find it difficult to do so - you can control your thought habits. 

Controlling our thoughts are pretty much like controlling our...

...muscles. Your muscle strength is determined on how much you use them. If  you rarely use them, they become weak. It is the same with thought control, if you don't exercise and take control of your mind it becomes weak or useless. Your thoughts will take over and run your life and mind like...

...an uncontrolled raging river. You will be left to the mercy of negative thinking (low vibrational thinking). Exercising your mind control will allow you to control your thought vibrational levels by controlling your thinking. Remember, the higher the level of vibrations the more powerful your attractions will be.

High thought vibrations activate the "Law of Attraction."  Positive thoughts = high vibrations. To begin your thought control exercises I would highly suggest that you start where I started and that is with Bob Proctor's Paradigm Shift Videos. Bob Proctor is one of the stars of the hit movie "The Secret".

These videos will point you...

 ...in the right direction in getting your thinking habits in check. Bob takes you step by step in the process of making a paradigm shift or the changing of your bad thinking habits into good positive ones, thereby raising your vibrations to the highest possible level.

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