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Universal Laws of Attraction

Universal Laws of Attraction entails other Laws

within. One is that it cannot operate without thought. Thought is what activates it. Another Law is that it does not discriminate. The Universal Law of Attraction manifests whatever we think and feel emotionally strong about - whether good or bad. 

To bring whatever you desire to manifestation...

 ...the thought must be sustained. If your thinking goes from bad thoughts to good ones and then back again, the Universal Laws of Attraction will pick that up and will slow your manifesting process and tend to operate on the stronger frequencies. Although if you stay on one particular good thought or desire most of the time - rather than on a bad, you may eventually...

...get what you want.  But that's a long, hard and unnecessary road to travel. In sustaining thoughts, you need to change you thought habits. This is called a "Paradigm Shift," a changing of a collection of bad thought habits to a collection of good ones. Once you begin to think good thoughts all of the...

...time, the thought sustaining process is easier and the Universal Laws of Attraction will manifest faster.  Bob Proctor one of the stars who was featured in the hit movie "The Secret" has a video series called the paradigm shift. In these videos he takes you by the hand and shows you step by step how to make this very

vital change. 

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