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Universal Laws

The Universal Laws

are a set of 12 Spiritual Laws or laws of nature that govern our Universe ( there are also 21 sub-laws). They are all tied to the Law of Cause and Effect. When used according to knowledge these laws can enhance our physical, emotional, and spiritual growth.

These Universal Laws are founded on the understanding that everything is energy -   including humans. And since everything is energy - everything is connected. These 12 Universal laws include:

  • The Law of Divine Oneness.
  • The Law of Vibration
  • The Law of Action
  • The Law of Correspondence
  • The Law of cause and effect
  • The Law of Compensation
  • The Law of Attraction
  • The Law of Perpetual Transmutations of Energy
  • The Law of relativity
  • The law of Polarity
  • The Law of Rhythm
  • The Law of Gender

To learn more about these 12 Universal Laws (and the 21 sub-laws)

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