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Wayne Dyer, Teaches "How to Co-create Your World Your Way"!

Wayne Dyer, author and lecturer was born May 10, 1940.  As a teenager he spent time growing up in an orphanage.He went on to earn his Doctor of Education Degree. After he spent approximately four years serving his country in the Navy, He begin doing lectures on positive thinking and Motivation which attracted the...

... attention of many. After quitting a teaching job he began touring the country.  The attention gained by his activities continued to grow whtil eventually he begin to debut on talk shows such as "The Tonight Show", and Phil Donahue. Not only is he a successful lecturer, he also has several books accredited to his...

... name; "The Power of Intention" "10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace", as well as many others. He also has a series of audiotapes recorded. 

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